Chapter 4

Electric Potential

4.1 Potential

4.2 Equipotential Surfaces

Example 1: Potential of a point charge

Example 2: Potential of an electric dipole

Example 3: Potential of a ring charge distribution

Example 4: Potential of a disc charge distribution

4.3 Calculating potential from electric field

4.4 Calculating electric field from potential

Example 1: Calculating electric field of a disc charge from its potential

Example 2: Calculating electric field of a ring charge from its potential

4.5 Potential Energy of System of Point Charges

4.6 Insulated Conductor

Chapter 5


5.1 Introduction

5.2 Capacitance

5.3 Procedure for calculating capacitance

5.4 Parallel Plate Capacitor

Demonstration: Parallel Plate Capacitor

Demonstration: Rotary Capacitor

5.5 Cylindrical Capacitor

5.6 Spherical Capacitor

Connections of Capacitors

5.7 Parallel Connection of Capacitors

5.8 Series Connection of Capacitors

Demonstration: Connections of Capacitors


5.9 Energy Stored in Capacitors

5.10 Energy Density

5.11 Example

Chapter 6

Electric Current and Resistance

6.1 Current

6.2 Current Density


6.3 Drift Speed


6.4 Resistance and Resistivity

6.5 Ohm's Law

6.6 Calculating Resistance from Resistivity

6.7 Example

6.8 Temperature Dependence of Resistivity

6.9 Electromotive Force, emf

6.10 Power Supplied, Power Dissipated

6.11 Connection of Resistances: Series and Parallel


6.12 Kirchoff's Rules


6.13 Potential difference between two points in a circuit

6.14 RC-Circuits